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  Why is China - a developing country so ahead of the US - the "greatest" developed country in infrastructure?





  Paul B B.Ec. Economics (2016)

  Answered 19h ago

  That seems like a loaded question and I’m not sure if you’re entirely correct. But I’ll take it for granted that China is “so ahead in infrastructure”.


  The reason is probably that the USA built most of its infrastructure a long time ago. Once it’s there there is little incentive to upgrade it. Why spend billions when you can make do with what you’ve got? Also once the capital stock of a country reaches equilibrium a large fraction of savings (pretty much all of it) is used up in maintaining existing capital.


  Rewind to 1990 and China had very little infrastructure. As its economy has boomed it has accumulated capital very rapidly. Now it is at a point where there is too much capital. The government has used investment to employ some of the country’s excess capacity and support an ultimately unsustainable rate of growth. The problem is that the capital will not be able to be maintained. It would require an astronomical savings rate. China wants to transition to a consumption driven economy but how can it do this while simultaneously maintaining a high savings rate to support a huge capital stock?


  Martin Dièdre studied at Aix-Marseille University

  Answered 19h ago

  You have to understand China is not a typical developing country. This term is a bit antiquated in that it was more appropriate during the 80–90’s to describe the emerging countries that were not fully developed not part of USSR and not Third World Countries.



  China is what we call a newly indusrialized country. Its economy is still not completely dominated by services and trade because the industry is very strong and predominant. Among the features we can find: export-driven and fast-growing economy developing urban centers large corporates strong political leadership and high human development index.



  Here is a map of newly industrialized countries (red).


  Terry Newman Ten years living and doing business in China.

  Answered 16h ago

  Because US politicians in order to get votes and corporate support have eroded the tax base to the point that basic infrastructure (and also other basic services like education and health) can no longer be effectively funded. Adding to their woes is the fact that Washington has been paralysed for 12 of the last 16 years due to the failure of either party to control simultaneously the Presidency and the legislature.


  Joel Phelan Former USMC NCO and Veteran Programmer Wiggin Libertarian

  Answered 17h ago

  Joel Phelan 前美国海军陆战队士官,资深程序员,维京的自由主义者

  It’s because they started building their infrastructure about 80–100 years AFTER the USA did. Thus the engineering was standardized (mostly by the USA) material costs were down and technology existed that they could reasonably implement that the USA cannot without having to tear out the OLD infrastructure (and as another person answered much of the US’ spending is in maintaining the existing infrastructure roads bridges and train tracks where as China because they (comparatively) have nothing and had almost literally nothing in the way of modern infrastructure 30 years ago did not have these maintenance costs. It’s a problem they will run into going forward.

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